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Metal Widebelt EZ Sander Deburring, Grinding, Slag/Dross Removal, Straight Grain Finishing The Metalworking Widebelt EZ Sander is a cost-effective way to finally upgrade your deburring and finishing operations, moving away from time-consuming hand grinding. With just a quick change of the abrasive belt, this compact machine can remove slag/dross, grind vertical burrs, or straight grain finishing (including some mill scale removal). The EZ Sander was developed to fit the needs of both small metalworking shops, as well as, large production facilities looking for an easy way to run small projects “off-line” from their main production flow. With a small footprint and the ability to mount on casters, this machine is portable enough to fit almost any shop. Don’t let the small size fool you, the EZ Sander is loaded with features and is heavy-duty enough to provide years of dependable, consistent, labor saving production.

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APEX Metal Widebelt EZ Sander
Belt Grinders Including Sanders