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Fibermak G−Force is designed with the servo motor concept. A machine equipped with a servo motor may reach up to 4G acceleration with its rigid bridge as a result of dynamic analyses performed and its perfect design. Thanks to the high acceleration that provide great advantages while switching between parts‚ production time is decreased and efficiency is increased by 15% per hour in average. The more complex the part to be processed‚ the greater the productivity. Produced by using long−life and high quality components together with its strong body structure‚ Fibermak G−Force is designed to operate continuously and precisely even under the most severe conditions.

Long Description

Working Area 4000 x 2000 mm (242x78 IN) Max Load Capacity 2500kg (5511lb) AXIAL MOVEMENTS X, U AXES / SERVO MOTOR TABLE 4050 mm/min (159 in/min) Y AXIS / SERVO MOTOR BRIDGE 2050 mm/min (81 in/min) Z AXIS / SERVO MOTOR CUTTING HEAD 150 mm/min (6 in/min) ACCELERATION 2,5 G SERVO MOTOR MAX. AXIS SPEEDS 141 (combination speed) (X, Y single axis speed 100 m/min) LINEAR MOTOR MAX. AXIS SPEEDS (O) 170 (combination speed) (X, Y single axis speed 120 m/min) AUTOMATIC LOADING UNLOADING UNIT 2 (45 sec) Pallet MACHINE DIMENSIONS (L x W x H) 12430x5664x2310 mm (489x223x91 in) MACHINE WEIGHT 18150 kg (40013 lb) MACHINE AXES 4-Axis [X, Y, Z, U ] POSITITIONING ACCURACY ± 0,03 mm (,001 in) REPETITION ACCURACY ± 0,015 mm (,0005 in) CNC BECKHOFF CAD/CAM SOFTWARE LANTEK EXPERT CUT NETWORK CONNECTION Ethernet CONTROL PANEL 15-inch screen 1024 x 768, alphanumeric keyboard, PLC keys, touch screen keyboard

FIBERMAK G FORCE SM 4X2 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

FIBERMAK G FORCE SM 4X2 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Cutters