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Plate Bending Rolls including Pinch
3 Roll-V Initial Pinch
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VERTICAL FORMAT 3 & 4 ROLL PLATE ROLLS Carell Provides 3 & 4 Roll Vertical Plate Rolls that are designed for combination vertical & horizontal format or dedicated vertical use only. Vertical Plate and Sheet Rolls can be built to suit your production needs. Vertical format rolls with no open end yoke have the drive train located at the top. If an open end yoke for material removal is required, the drive train is located at the base of the machine and a pit is generally required so working height is close to the shop floor. Vertical geometries are available in 3 or 4 Roll Double Pinch as well as 3 Roll Initial Pinch as needs dictate. For specific needs, machines can be built that operate in both the vertical and horizontal positions. The decision to adopt a vertical format rolling process must be well thought out and requires in-depth study into the methodology of the entire production process from arrival of raw materials to final shipping of the tank, tank segments or end product.

CARELL 3 Roll-V Initial Pinch Plate Roll
Plate Bending Rolls including Pinch