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From our standard product offering insertion machines, to our build-to-order products and custom engineered insertion solutions, Haeger has the ability to provide you with a totally unified solution for virtually any of your insertion challenges. Whether your shop is new to hardware insertion, or inserts millions of fasteners each year, Haeger’s solution oriented approach will ensure that you get the correct system for your needs. Self-Clinching Fastener Technology The Heager insertion press uses self-clinching fastener technology. A self clinching fastener is a steel or aluminum threaded device that when pressed into a cast iron metal sheet creates a mounting hole, and is pressed in for permanent attachment. The fastener is locked in place and prevented from rotating or falling out. These self clinching fasteners are used during the fabrication stage of the assembly process. In simpler terms, a self clinching fastener is a reliable way to attach a variety of screws to a thin metal sheet, and allow it to withstand friction and turning force. A Haeger self-clinching faster is stronger than a metal screw and provides more reliability during the fabrication process.

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HAEGER 824 OneTouch-5e

California, United States
HAEGER 824 OneTouch-5e
Insertion Machines