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High Speed Circular Saws (non-ferrous)
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The PMI-LJK500 is designed for applications that require notch cuts. The LJK500 has two saw heads that can be positioned from -45 degrees to +45 degrees and a saw table that can be position from -45 degrees to +45 degrees so the machine can perform a wide range of special notch cuts that require special angles. The angles are set automatically via a servo motor and key pad control. The machine’s precision design ensures accurate notches. Saw Head: The machine is equipped with two saw blades that can be position from – 45 degrees to +45 degrees. The saw blades are positioned automatically with servo control. The operator enters the required angle into the keypad control and the saw heads automatically position to the entered angle. One blade is mounted vertically and one saw blade is mounted horizontally. The vertical saw blade is a 24 inch diameter and the horizontal blade is a 20 inch diameter. Since the saw blades can swing 45 degrees in both directions, the saw is capable of notching various angles. Each saw head has its own 5 HP saw motor. The saw blade speed is 2,800 RPM. Below is a drawing showing some examples of the notches the saw can produce.


Cutting Angle Vertical Saw Blade +/- 45 degrees Horizontal Saw Blade +/- 45 degrees Saw Table +/- 45 degrees (optional -45 degrees and +67.5 degrees) Cutting Depth Vertical Saw Blade 8.67 Inches (220mm) Horizontal Saw Blade 6.7 Inches (170mm) Saw Blade Size Vertical Saw Blade 24 Inch Horizontal Saw Blade 20 Inch Saw Blade Speed 2800 RPM Servo Motor (angle control) Vertical Saw Blade 1 kw Horizontal Saw Blade 1 kw Workable 1 kw Saw Blade Motor 5 HP (2) Machine Size 124” x 74” x 71” Machine Weight 3,350 LBS

High Speed Circular Saws (non-ferrous)