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High Speed Circular Saws (non-ferrous)
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The PMI-T3 is a two headed miter saw designed for cutting aluminum extrusions and profiles. The saw head tilts when it is positioned for a miter cut. The length and miter position are programed into the HMI and set automatically by the machine. The two saw heads can work simultaneously or independently. The saw heads move horizontally through the material when making a saw cut. Two Saw Head Design: The PMI-T3 has two saw heads. One of the saw heads is fixed, the other saw head is moveable. The moveable saw head can be automatically positioned for different cut lengths. The moveable saw head travels on linear guide ways to ensure accurate positioning. The two saw heads can work simultaneously or independently. Each saw head is capable of mitering (tilting) 45 degrees to the right and 22.5 degrees to the left. Saw Head Tilt The Saw Head tilt is controlled by a servo motor for precision accuracy. 5 HP Saw Motor: Each saw head is equipped with a 5HP saw motor.


Technical Specifications: Tilt Angle and Length Control Servo Motor Cutting Length Accuracy +/-0.15mm (0.005”) Cutting Angle Accuracy +/-0.15 degree Tilt Angle – Fixed Saw Head 45 degrees to right and 67.5 degrees to left Tilt Angle – Moveable Saw Head 45 degrees to the left and 67.5 degrees to the right Saw Blade Speed 2,850 RPM Saw Motor Power 5 HP (2) Saw Blade Diameter 22” Working Lengths available 4.5m or 6.5m (14.75ft or 21.32 ft) Dimensions 5000mm or 8000mm x 1000mm x 1400mm Machine Weight 1,800 kgs (3,960LBS) Cutting Capacities 90 degree (straight cut) 170mm x 170mm (6.75” x 6.75”) 90 degree (straight cut) 30mm x 330mm (1.18” x 13”) 22.5 degree (67.5 degree) 90mm x 90mm (3.5” x 3.5”) 45 degree (tilt left and right) 120mm x 170mm (4.75” x 6.75”) 45 degree (tilt left and right) 30mm x 240mm (1.18” x 9.5”) 90 degree Min Cut length 440mm (17.32”) 45 degree Min Cut Length (tilt left) 540mm (21.25”) 45 degree Min Cut Length (tilt right) 550mm (21.65”) 22.5 degree Min Cut Length 440mm (17.32”)

High Speed Circular Saws (non-ferrous)