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Horizontal Band Saws
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The Zeus CN offers production, accuracy, ease of set up and versatility in a compact package. The CN control allows for the operator to simply punch in the cut length, how many cuts he wants and press the start button. The CN control can store 99 cutting jobs and also offers scrap minimization. Standard Features & Equipment: CN cutting control manages your cutoff programs, simply input via the keypad, the desired length, number of pieces, blade speed, etc. and the machine will monitor the cutoff jobs for accuracy, includes CN back gauge encoder, and servo motor.  Heavy Duty Machine Base  CN control for set up of 99 cutting jobs  Mechanical Band Tension with Built In Indicator  Precision Carbide Blade Guides with Roller Guides  Planetary Gear Drive with Reductor unit with case hardened and ground helical gears,  greased and lubricated for long life  Flood Coolant System with automatic return  Large Chip Pan with Coolant Drain  Positive Hydraulic Downfeed of the Sawblade  Hydraulic Clamping * split front vise clamps on both sides of blade  Hydraulic Gripper Vise for index material to be cut.  Sawblade return Height Control  Fast Approach of Blade to the material  Two speed infeed system to slow feed of material to zero  Infinitely variable blade speeds 52-396 FPM  Blade Breakage Switch to shut machine off in case of blade breakage  Motion Detector to sense if blade stalls in material  Self Centering Feed Vise for crooked or bent material  Mechanical Hold Down for stack cutting  Electrically Driven Chip Brush  Roller Extension with Coolant Return Tray  Complete electrical wired for 220, 440 volts, 3 Ph 60 Hz; 24 volt control voltage


Technical Data: Cutting Capacity O Degree Bundle Round 10 1/4” Rectangle 10 1/4” x 10 5/8” 4-1/3” x 10-5/8" Square 10 1/4” X 10 1/4”  Blade Size: 10’10” x 1” x .035  Blade Speeds: Variable 52 to 396 FPM  Saw Motor: 2 HP  Floor Space: 91” x 75”  Machine Weight: 2,420 lbs  Hydraulic Motor: .5 HP  Coolant Motor: ¼ HP

Horizontal Band Saws