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EXPLORER 1 is a 4-Axis drilling center for making a wide range holes; threads and countersinks. The Automatic X-Axis positioning drive allows for material to move in relation to the spindle for precise locating of the spindle according to the customer’s requirements. A work piece is clamped horizontally and vertically during drilling operation. The following operations can be performed:  Through Hole  Blind Hole  Double Hole (For Square and Rectangle Tubes)  Slotting  Threading (Optional)  Countersinks (Optional) The Following Work Pieces can be machined:  Tubes  Angle Iron  Beams  UNP  Flat Bars Main Features and Standard Features: Automatic Feed of the Material by the FMB Feed System Vertical Spindle Drill Unit Z-axis and Y-Axis are ballscrew/servo controlled Exchange System for Material Feed Vises to allow working on both ends of the work piece Twin Vertical Pushers Twin Horizontal Clamping Vise Twin Vertical Clamping Vise Chip Conveyor Automatic Lubrication System for the linear guideways Laser for set up of Zero Position Rapid Tool Changer Inner Tools Lubrication ISO 40 Spindle; Reduction ISO 40 Standard Spindle; Taper CM3 Positive Drop Tool Lubricating System Control Cabinet with Industrial PC Console Machine Cover with perfect view of the working area 6.5 FT InFeed Roller Table 6.5 FT OutFeed Roller Table Drill Unit: The drilling head is mounted on a large column. The head’s Z-axis and Y-Axis position on linear guideways. The Z-axis and Y-axis are ballscrew/servo controlled for added precision. The coolant system is external and through tool misting lubrications. The machine comes standard with our “FMB smart drilling control” which prevents the head from entering the work piece too deeply and damaging the tool. The machine comes standard with a hydraulic spindle so the operator simply presses a button to lock or unlock the spindle. The spindle is ISO40. One spindle is included with the machine. Operation: The drill unit has fast approach so it will rapidly feed until the tool is just above the material. The machine has two chip breaking modes. Mode one is the machine will stop feeding for one second and mode two is the machine will completely get out of the drilled hole. The machine has a tool and spindle table so it is easy for the operator to select the correct tool and spindle size. The coolant system can be set to run no coolant, external only, external and through tool, or trough tool only. The machine can slot or mill in any direction so angled slots or mills are not an issue. The slots and mills are done through a step mode. The machine’s piece measurement system checks that the programmed dimensions match the actual dimensions.


Work Piece Dimensions: Maximum Working Length 98 Ft Minimum Length – Exchange 17.75 inch Minimum Length without Exchange 10 inch Z-Axis Travel 25.5 Inch Y-Axis Travel 16.5 Inch Minimum Width of Work Piece 1.575 inch Maximum Width of Work Piece 17.71 Inches Minimum Size of Angle Iron 1.575 x 1.575 x 0.118 inch Minimum Height 0.393 inch Maximum Height 11.811 inch Drill Data: Minimum Drill Diameter 0.196 inch Maximum Drill Diameter 1.259 inch Maximum Rotational Speed 3,000 RPM Spindle Power 8.25 HP Spindle Size ISO 40 Positioning Data: Machine Positioning Speed 30 FPM Material Feed Speed 18 FPM

Drilling & Tapping Machines